Lindley + Jack

This February in Florida, my lifelong friend and God sister married her handsome man, Jack Beach. There really isn’t a simple way to describe how beautiful this day was (other than the amazing photos below!!). Not only is Lindley my sister from another mister, her family is like an extension of my own!! The night before the wedding, we had an intimate bonfire rehearsal dinner on the beach under the stars. It was there that we were all able to stand up and give our toasts to the future bride and groom and let me tell you… it truly was one of the most magical experiences of my entire life. There was a ukulele serenade from Lindley’s Uncle Bob (we call him UB), a spread of the most delicious fajitas I’ve had outside of Texas, yummy s’mores, and the best of company from around the country sharing laughs and stories with one another.  The stars above us were so bright and the sound of the vast ocean was a perfect setting to truly feel the presence of God Himself. Conversations and dance parties lasted till the wee hours of the morning on this night and the next!! I really think the very best part about the whole experience was the loving community that is Lindley, Jack and their people.  Lifelong friendships were made over the course of the weekend because this couple knows how to choose friends who love them well.  I am BEYOND blessed by Lindley, Jack and their amazing friends and family.  It’s one of those things you look back on and wish you could relive a thousand times over. Rachel Iliadis captured the weekend with her ethereal photos better than I can express in words. CHEERS to my God Seester and her man Jack BEACH!! I love you both!!! XOXO